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Would you like to learn how you compare to other successful business leaders around the globe? I am certified in The Leadership Circle Profile™ which can help you identify your strengths as well as the areas of weaknesses that often can derail your success as a leader. If you are ready for some specific feedback that can help you set goals to grow to the next level, sign up for an assessment. Are you ready to up your game and hire a coach?

The Leadership Circle Profile will identify 18 leadership strengths that are highly correlated to effective leadership (and business performance) that includes both relationship and task-related competencies. The LCP also identifies 11 dimensions that are negatively correlated to effective leadership and business performance, that often stem from maladaptive coping strategies learned in childhood. Find out why businesses who are committed to leadership development (such as Quicken Loans, the Mayo Clinic, Google as well as many EMBA programs like Notre Dame) use the Leadership Circle Profile.

Transforming your business requires the ability to transform yourself.   As your company has grown, has your leadership ability kept pace?  

In addition to the Leadership Circle Profile, I am certified in many other leadership assessments.

I am certified in the Leadership Agility 360 which can determine the stage at which you currently function as a leader. The Emotional Intelligence Leadership Assessment (EQi 2.0) measures where you stand in comparison to highly effective leaders on 15 different dimensions.  We can decide which assessment tools will help you establish the goals to set you on a new path as a leader.  Schedule an assessment today.

Dr. Joe Horak has over 30 years of experience coaching leaders. He taught courses at the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University and also Directed Seidman’s Family Owned Business Institute before his appointment as an Entrepreneur in Residence and Honorary Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University Management School in the United Kingdom. He consults with family-owned businesses, coaches a select group of business leaders and manages a group of clinicians in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Joseph Horak, Ph.D. | joe@drhorak.com

“The combination of a self-evaluation, 360 evaluation and leadership coaching helped me recognize the areas I need to grow in as a leader and see positive growth in those areas. Communication between me and those working under me has improved greatly since beginning Joe’s coaching program, and now several employees under me are being coached by Joe.”
“Joe has been great to work with, for both myself and my staff.

He really understands the complexities of family business on a deep level and has helped us tremendously.”

“Joe’s assessment tools have enabled me to understand myself to a point where my leadership development has accelerated dramatically developing more in the last 2 years than in the previous 10. As a result our company is growing, our team is stronger than ever, and I find that my job has gotten both better and way more fun. I have since hired Joe to coach my management team and they are finding similar results. I recommend Joe to anyone that is open enough to dig into themselves and grow both professionally and personally.”

“Developing leadership skills is hard but knowing where you need to improve is even harder. Since my counsel with Dr. Horak, we have humbly discovered several areas for improvement and created a path to apply successful leadership skills that are empowering, emphatic, and visionary. His insight is making me be a better leader everyday!”
“Dr. Horak is an amazing leadership coach! He has placed me on a path to be the leader the world around me needs!”

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